I'm so glad you stopped by! I began making cakes for family and friends in 2013. My first cake was a Lightning McQueen car for my son. I was inspired to give it a try because I was so tired of ordering cakes from my local grocery store bakery and they just didn't look professional. I have always been creative and a bit artistic. I gave it a go and it turned out pretty good. After all the "Ooohh Shameka you made that?!" I was hooked. I began teaching my self the techniques involved and quickly found that there was a demand for celebration cakes. So here I am! I am a home based business offering a highly personal, professional service with love. I am very passionate about creating unforgettable cake centerpieces, that are not "just a cake," but a very important part of your celebration. Let us help make your event a little more sweet and memorable!              

 I am committed to delivering remarkable, handcrafted cakes and cupcakes both rich in detail and delicious in taste.

- Meka